IOTT Innovations

IOTT Innovations

The Best Products From the Electronic Quality Masters

The Best Products From the Electronic Quality Masters

About Us

Who we are is our greatest asset

IoTT Innovations of China has been founded in 2018 by Sangui Wang (Luffy) and Vesentini Lorenzo.The company blends togheter the 15+ years of experience of electronic devices testing and certification of chinese products manufactured in Cina of Luffy along the 15+ years of European market knowledge of Lorenzo. Thanks to this unique capability of bridging together these two different cultural platforms IoTT Innovations can offer the best and most innovative products generated on the world capital of electronic manufacturing perfectly tuned for the European customers.

Our Business

Here is how we generate value

  • 1

    New products are released by chinese ecosystem

  • 2

    We execute quality inspection to make sure the product can fit in EU market

  • 3

    An EU market test is executed in order to verify the product actual effectiveness and acceptance

  • 4

    The deal with the manufacturer is finalized in order to have the exclusive distribution and proper aftermarket support

  • 5

    Products are delivered to your selected EU customers already market proven

The Linecard

Our solutions are targeting three main categories

The Key Team Members


Vesentini Lorenzo
Vesentini LorenzoCo - Founder and BDM
 Matteo Malaguti
Matteo Malaguti IT Sales Specialist
Luigi Pacelli
Luigi PacelliBusiness Development Executive


Sangui Wang
Sangui WangCo - Founder and CEO
Jack Wang
Jack WangCTO
Eric Wang
Eric WangCOO